Zinc Details & Design Options

Zinc Details & Design Options

zinc details

Design Options:


  • We can fabricate a custom integral sink (rectangular, square, or round) and weld it in as a seamless part of any top.
  • We can under-mount or cut-in any sink that you provide.
  • Holes for faucets and accessories such as hot water inserts and soap dispensers are available options.
  • Drain Pans are tapered 3/8" so that water will flow into the sink.

What does zinc look like?

  • Zinc is a reactive metal that will develop a patina and change over time.
  • Matte zinc has a distinctive blue-gray hue and will develop a darker-gray patina over time.
  • Professionally patinated zinc will be darker, and more uniform than zinc that is given the opportunity to develop its patina naturally.
  • Both matte and patinated zinc have a “living finish” and will continue to evolve throughout the lifetime of the countertop.

What can I expect?

  • Slight scratches, pinhole, and soldering marks can be expected on your zinc countertop; these slight imperfections are what create the European, rustic charm of this country metal.
  • Hammered zinc will have a wavy, undulated surface and will not be machine flat.
  • Depending on the size and shape of your countertop, a non-welded butt seam may be required for construction.
  • Very large tops may require a mechanical, silicone-sealed field joint. No on-site welding is necessary.

Getting A Quote:

If you have any questions about possible zinc details for your countertop project, send photos or drawings to quotes@brookscustom.com. We will review all requests as they are received, and will get back to you within one to two business days.