Zinc Construction Details

Zinc Construction Details

Construction Details


  • Made with 14-gauge sheets (approximately 1/16" thick).
  • Front edges are available in any thickness but 1 ½" is standard.
  • The filler material we use for welding is Zinc or special Non-Lead Solder.
  • Zinc sheet is bonded to solid waterproof MDF. It is equal in height to the front edge thickness.
  • Any length or layout may be produced. Non-welded butt seams may be required.
  • The long-term look is distinct "Old World Charm" in nature, as these Counters will acquire a Patina or “Living Finish” that changes with time.
  • Zinc is a reactive metal and will acquire a pattern of use.

What does it look like?

  • Zinc is a reactive metal that will develop a patina and change over time.
  • Matte zinc has a distinctive blue-gray hue and will develop a darker-gray patina over time.
  • Professionally patinated zinc will be darker, and more uniform than zinc that is given the opportunity to develop its patina naturally.
  • Both matte and patinated zinc have a “living finish” and will continue to evolve throughout the lifetime of the countertop.

What can I expect?

  • Zinc is food safe and even anti-bacterial, making it a great material for food preparation surfaces.
  • Zinc countertops are not and are not meant to represent a monolithic surface.
  • Slight scratches, pinhole, and soldering marks can be expected on your zinc countertop; these slight imperfections are what create the European, rustic charm of this country metal.
  • Hammered zinc will have a wavy, undulated surface and will not be machine flat.
  • Over time, your countertop will develop a unique “pattern of use.” Areas of frequent use and cleaning will appear lighter and smoother, while areas that are used less often will look darker.
  • Depending on the size and shape of your countertop, a non-welded butt seam may be required for construction.
  • Very large tops may require a mechanical, silicone-sealed field joint. No on-site welding is necessary.

Getting A Quote:

For any other zinc construction related inquiries, please email info@brookscustom.com. We are happy to help you with any questions and helping you understand this unique material.