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Premium Wide Portfolio

Why choose Brooks Custom’s Premium Wide Plank wood countertops?

  • Each top is constructed of hand-selected high-quality hardwoods.
  • Boards range in width from 5"-12" and are matched for an even and satisfying wood rendition
  • Consistency. No knots or sapwood are used to ensure the color and grain is consistent throughout your wood countertop.
  • Boards run the full length of the countertop; no butt joints are used, unless necessary due to length.
  • A selection of standard stains are available for each wood species. Custom color matching is also available.
  • Sealed with our famous, proprietary, Marine Oil Finish, the most durable in the wood countertop industry.

Premium Wide Wood Portfolio Slideshow

  • Premium wide plank countertop with ogee edge and marine oil finish.
  • Premium wide plank walnut countertop is the focal piece of a classic white kitchen.
  • Modern kitchen with premium wide plank walnut countertop on island with marble backsplash and stainless appliances.
  • Premium wide plank walnut bar top with bullnose edge, marine oil finish.
  • Hand hewn walnut half-circle table top on kitchen island.
  • Mahogany kitchen island countertop with curved side edge at seating area.
  • Zebra wood premium wide plank countertop with radius corner and rounded edge.
  • Oasis-shaped raised bar top in premium wide plank walnut.
  • Close-up on the large ogee edge of a walnut premium wide plank countertop.
  • Mahogany premium wide plank kitchen island top with notched corners and curved edge.
  • Premium wide plank raised bar top in walnut American Brown #2 in white kitchen.
  • Wide plank center kitchen island with curved edge and undermount sink cutout.
  • Wenge wide plank waterfall end countertop with undermount sink cutout.
  • Cherry wood peninsula countertop in a classic white kitchen.
  • Wide plank teak countertop with undermount sink and drain grooves in country kitchen.
  • Maple countertops in a country home with blue base cabinets.
  • Cherry premium wide plank cherry raised bar top on peninsula top.
  • Walnut kitchen island wide plank countertop with undermount sink cutout and integral drain grooves.
  • Walnut wide plank kitchen island countertop with classic ogee edge.
  • Wide plank zebra wood countertop with an undermount sink cutout.
  • Traditional country kitchen with a wide plank wood countertop.
  • Two-level wide plank bar top with Brooks Custom signature Marine Oil Finish.
  • Wide plank island countertop designed for Christopher Peacock kitchens.
  • African Mahogany peninsula countertop with cutouts and ogee edge.
  • Wide plank walnut bar top in a custom ellipse shape.
  • Antique heart pine wide plank island top with notched posts and undermount sink cutout.
  • Cherry wet bar countertop with Brooks Custom's famous Marine Oil Finish.
  • Wide plank cherry countertops in a rustic, country home.
  • Classic ogee edge detail on wide plank walnut countertop.
  • Cherry wide plank kitchen pass through countertop with custom edge detail.
  • Wide plank island countertop with ogee edge on undermount sink cutout.
  • Wide plank maple island countertop installed around a stone countertop.
  • Extra-large premium wide plank walnut island top.
  • Wide plank cherry countertop with curved front and ogee edge.
  • Perimeter kitchen countertops with mirror polish finish.
  • Wide plank walnut bathtub surround in a master bath.
  • Teak premium wide plank bathtub surround with Brooks Custom's Marine Oil Finish.
  • Teak kitchen island countertop for Clive Christian showroom.
  • Zebra wood (zebrano) corner countertop with range cutout.
  • Maple wide plank kitchen island countertop with undermount sink cutout.
  • Zebra wood island countertop close-up of ogee edge and grain pattern.
  • White plank walnut countertop in a wet bar by Brooks Custom.
  • Premium wide plank wood countertop with undermount farm sink cutout.
  • Teak wide plank countertop with integral drain grooves and splash guards, designed for Clive Christian.
  • Drop leaf extension on premium wide plank island countertop.
  • Two-level premium wide plank wood countertop with fancy shape and ogee edge detail.
  • Wide plank wood island in a European-style kitchen for Leonardis kitchens.
  • Contemporary kitchen with zebrano wide plank island countertop.
  • Double bowl vanity with wide plank teak countertop.
  • Wide plank walnut island countertop made for a Christopher Peacock showroom.
  • Premium wide plank walnut island countertop in fancy traditional kitchen.
  • Premium wide plank walnut kitchen island countertop in a modern kitchen.
  • Premium wide plank countertop with ogee edge and marine oil finish.

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