Wood Countertop Finish Options

Wood Countertop Finish Options

View the wood countertop finish options which are available to help you achieve the desired aesthetic for your wood top.

Finish options allow you to customize your wood countertop beyond the stain and edge profile. These options include antiquing, distressing levels, and levels of hand hewn texture.

Before fabrication, samples will be produced for your approval to confirm the finish and design options are in line with the desired look for the countertop.

wood countertop finish options

Distressing Options:

The chart shown below has good descriptions of the different levels of antiqued and distressed finishes available for wood countertops. Please reference one of these levels when requesting a distressed finish for your top.

antiqued and distressed wood finishes for countertops

Getting A Quote:

For price quotes and job inquiries, email your photos or drawings to quotes@brookscustom.com. All quote requests are reviewed as they come in, and proposals are generally returned within one to two business days.