Standard Plank Care and Maintenance

Standard Plank Care and Maintenance

Standard Plank Countertops are made from random wood members, measuring 3”-6” in width. You can expect to see some tight knots, light grain sapwood, and pith marks in these planks; this is normal and acceptable for this style of wood countertop. Standard Plank countertops are coated in a Waterlox finish, and are available in natural color only; there is no staining on this style of wood countertop.

Standard Plank Care & Maintenance


  • Your top has a 4-Coat Waterlox non-toxic finish. We supply a bottle of Weiman’s Furniture Cream (an all-natural product) to be applied once a month as per the directions on the bottle. Buff with a clean, dry, cotton cloth.
  • Clean using Windex, or soap and water; scrub lightly using a 3M Scotch-BriteTM pad.


  • When the finish has aged, seems too dull, or has been worn through, you can clean the tops with Murphy’s Oil Soap and re-coat with Waterlox Brand Wood Finish.

Warranty for Wood Countertops:

  • All Wood and Butcher Block countertops have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Brooks Custom will repair or replace, at their option, any product determined to be faulty due to manufacturing defects.
  • Products not installed by Brooks Custom must be returned to the Brooks Custom showroom.
  • Incidental work or adjacent materials are not included in warranty coverage. This is standard in most of the home improvement industry.
  • Standard Plank tops require a reapplication of the Waterlox finish every one to two years to maintain their water and stain resistance.
  • The size and shape of wood countertops may change slightly due to environmental conditions such as heat and humidity.
  • All shipped wood countertops must be removed from their crates within 30 days of delivery. Any claims for shipping damage must be made within that time.

Reporting Service Issues:

Please feel free to contact or call us for technical or service advice before tackling significant problems with your countertop that are not covered in the standard plank care information sheet.

If you need to report a problem or need service advice, please follow this procedure to help us understand the nature of your problem:

  • Please provide photos to illustrate the nature and size of your problem.
  • First, place a quarter next to each problem area as a scale reference.
  • Next, take a wide-angle photo that shows the entire countertop.
  • Then, take a close-up photo of each problem area (showing the quarter in each close-up).
  • Email photos to After the photos are received, our Service Department will reply back with resolution options.