FAQ – End Grain Butcher Blocks

FAQ - End Grain Butcher Blocks

FAQ - End Grain Tops

Are End Grain countertops safe to cut on?

Our butcher block countertops, including End Grain and Edge Grain construction styles, are perfect for cutting, chopping and food preparation.

Can hot pots and pans be placed directly on the surface of an end Grain wood countertop?

We recommend the use of trivets on all of our countertop products.

Can an under-mounted sink be placed into an End Grain countertop?

End Grain and Edge Grain tops can include a sink, although there is not a finish to protect them so regular oiling is essential. Some construction styles are better suited for this. Premium Wide Plank tops are a great choice for a sink because they are waterproof. The Marine Oil™ finish protects the top from any water stains. Standard Plank tops are also a good choice because they are water resistant.

Are color or stain options available for End Grain countertops?

We do not offer stain options for End Grain countertops.

Is it possible to have a built-up edge for my countertop?

Yes, we can do a built-up edge. When possible, we prefer to build full thickness tops to ensure the stability of the top; it’s also more cost effective since it is labor intensive to build up the edge. Some exotic wood species are not available thicker than 1 ½” so a built up edge is a perfect solution to give the appearance of a thicker top.

I’m interested in a wood species that you don’t list on your website, can you get it?

We stock our most frequently requested woods but we can place custom orders for most wood species. Call us to discuss your options.

Do you offer green countertop options?

Repurposed woods such as Antique Heart Pine and Antique Chestnut are collected from fine, aged homes and barns. Fast-growth woods such as Lyptus and Bamboo are an excellent green alternative. See our Green Statement for more information.

Are End Grain countertops stain proof or waterproof?

End Grain tops do not include a finish and will require regular oiling. After some time, the oil build-up will start to build up a resistance to water and stains. This type of top can also easily be sanded down to remove stains.

What do I do if I see cracks in my End Grain countertop?

It is a characteristic of end grain wood tops to crack internally and on the edges.

This issue occurs during climatization in the home and is especially pronounced during the first heating season.

This is most common in thicker end grain tops.

We consider this to be normal and not a warranty issue.

Do End Grain countertops require a lot of maintenance?

End Grain countertops require regular oiling to keep them from drying out and splitting.

What is the turnaround time for your wood countertops?

Wood countertops generally take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete from the time we receive approved shop drawings.

Getting A Quote:

If you have any additional questions about end grain butcher blocks, email info@brookscustom.com. We will be more than happy to assist you with any inquiries to help you understand this classic material.