Edge Grain Edge Profiles for Wood Countertops

Edge Grain Edge Profiles for Wood Countertops

Below you will find our most requested edge grain edge profiles. This chart represents a variety of edge profiles, from a modern eased square edge to more decorative and traditional ogee edge profiles. Some of the larger profiles, (double ogee, F, K) are only available on thicker countertops, starting at 2 1/4" thick. Please refer to the chart before selecting your edge profile to ensure that it will work with your desired countertop thickness.

Custom edge profiles are available upon request, please send in drawings of your desired edge for review.

edge grain edge profiles chart

Getting A Quote:

To receive a quote on an edge grain countertop, or custom edge profile, send your photos or drawings to quotes@brookscustom.com. We will review all quote requests as they are received; proposals are generally returned within one to two business days.