Wood Construction Options

Construction Options - Wood Countertops


premium wide plank drawing

Premium Wide Plank

  • Hand Selected boards 5" to 12" in width of unblemished, premium wood.
  • Sealed with our signature, hand-rubbed, Marine Oil Finish, a permanent finish that is highly resistant to water, staining, and heat. This finish will not need to be recoated.
  • Each board runs the entire length of the countertop, no butt joints.
  • A variety of standard color options available for each species, and custom color matching is available.
  • Only 7% of the tree is used to ensure the highest quality of wood, ensuring the absence of knots, and the consistency of the color and grain from board to board.
  • The boards are hand-selected by our craftsmen for consistent grain, wood color and a pleasing rendition.
standard wide plank drawing

Standard Plank

  • Boards are 3" to 5" in width of randomly selected wood members.
  • Tops may display tight knots, some light grain, and pith marks, which are acceptable.
  • Tops receive four coats of Waterlox finish, which requires occasional maintenance. This is a water and stain resistant finish that may be recoated as needed.
  • Available in natural color only; staining is not recommended with this finish.

edge grain drawing

Edge Grain Chopping Block

  • Constructed of thin, randomly selected 1 3/4" wide wood members glued in parallel. Extra-long tops may have butt joints.
  • Commercial grade tops fabricated using both heart and sap woods.
  • Can be made in thicknesses from 1 ¼” to 12”.
  • Available in natural color only; staining is not recommended with this finish.
  • The tops are sealed and oiled and require regular oiling to ensure the wood does not dry out.
  • This type of countertop is perfect for chopping and food preparation.
  • An incredible working surface for the professional or semi-professional cook.

end grain drawing

End Grain Chopping Block

  • Vertical facing wood members, typically 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" that look like offset squares.
  • Traditionally used as a chopping surface and for food prep.
  • This construction is ideal because the fibers of the wood actually cradle your knife blade and repair themselves at the same time.
  • These tops are Sealed and Oiled and require weekly oiling as maintenance.
  • Available in natural color only; no staining.
  • These are also available as "point to point" glue up, giving a checkerboard effect.