Nation-Wide Shipping

Nation-Wide Shipping for Brooks Custom's Products

Brooks Custom offers nation-wide shipping for its countertops, range hoods, and other products. You do not have to be on the east coast to get a handmade Brooks Custom countertop. We regularly ship to Florida, California, and everywhere in between!

We custom build crates for your countertops, and utilize drop and tell technology that will alert you if your shipment has been potentially damaged. We partner with common carrier freight companies to get you the best rate and the quickest delivery to your location.

Once your shipment is on its way to you, the freight company will contact you to set up the details of your delivery. Deliveries are arranged as curb-side only; you will need to arrange to have someone at the job site to bring the product inside.

You should open your crate immediately to inspect the countertop for any damage, and report back to us immediately if anything is out of order.

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