Commercial Projects

Our Premium Products Are a Great Addition to Commercial Locations

When opening a new commercial location, there is a great deal of pressure to not only provide a unique and quality service, but to make the space look unique and have a definitive 'look.'

The materials we use are classic and well-tested, but are all unique in their own way. Commercial locations favor our concrete and zinc counter and bar tops for their charming look and ease of maintenance.

We also fabricate wood bar tops for commercial locations that are sealed with our signature Marine Finish. This finish is a permanent finish that will not need to be recoated. Brooks Custom's Marine Finish is water and stain proof, and is highly resistant to heat damage. This finish provides a low maintenance surface that requires just Lemon Pledge for daily maintenance, and keeping on top of wiping up spills to prevent drink rings.

Another benefit to our Marine Finish, is that it is the only wood countertop finish that can be repaired on-site. This is a great benefit for restaurant tops as the countertop will not need to be removed to be repaired.

View more of our bar tops here.

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