Zinc Bar Top Check-In

Zinc Bar Top Check-In

When shopping for countertops, one of the first questions people ask is 'how will it age'? The answer is not so simple when talking about zinc or other reactive metals which have a 'living finish.' The evolution of zinc’s finish is either a key selling point or deterrent to those who want more control over their finishes.

We have a few pieces of zinc in our showroom  that have been here for years, but none that give you a good picture of how the metal reacts and evolves over time with constant use.

To help give our clients a better sense of how zinc changes over time, we paid a visit to Winston Restaurant, a local bar in Mt. Kisco for which we were honored to provide the zinc bar top when the restaurant opened in 2014.

commercial patina finish curved zinc bar top at Winston Bar, Mt. Kisco NY

When we installed the zinc bar top, it had a patina finish that was even and had very few imperfections. Before the installation, we made sure that the owners were aware that the finish would evolve and change over time, so they would not be alarmed when they finish began to evolve. We also took the time to educate the owners and staff about how to clean and maintain the bar top to prevent rings or permanent marks.

Because each countertop is unique, we cannot predict how the top will react and what the end-result will be. Each countertop will acquire its own unique pattern of use, depending on how it is used.

Being that this is used in a very busy commercial bar, the effect is great on this one then it would be in a lower traffic area, but it gives you the idea of how zinc behaves and ages.

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This close-up photo shows the details of what makes up the ‘pattern of use,’ including drink rings and small dings on the surface. Over time, these small imperfections blend together to create a time-honored and well-worn finish.

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It’s hard to imagine that this top has been in use for just over two years! The top has settled into its charming finish and looks like it’s been there for at least a decade. The owners and customers love the charm of the top and the story it conveys!

To see this zinc bar top up close, visit Winston in Mt. Kisco, NY. You may also visit our showroom to view samples of other zinc finishes and texture options. If you have any questions about zinc bar tops, please feel free to email us at quotes@brookscustom.com or you can reach us by phone at 914-666-2029.


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