Stainless Steel Finish Options

Stainless Steel Finish Options

Below is a list of the stainless steel finish options for stainless steel countertops, back splashes, sinks, and range hoods.

The most popular finish is the #4 Omni Directional Brushed Finish. This finish is most similar to the standard finish found on most stainless steel appliances. When combined with stainless steel appliances, the brushed finish gives off a modern and cohesive aesthetic.

The custom grind pattern adds some dimension and character to the stainless steel countertop. This finish is just as low-maintenance as the brushed finish but portrays a more interesting look.

The mirror polish finish is the most striking, but also requires the most maintenance. As fingerprints and small scratches will be easy to see,  it's recommended to use the mirror polish for accent pieces, or for areas that do not see a lot of traffic. The mirror polish is just as durable as other stainless steel finishes and can be used for a countertop or island.

Finish Options:

stainless steel finish options

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