Stainless Steel Edge Profiles

Stainless Steel Edge Profiles

Below is a list of edge profiles that are available for Brooks Custom's metal countertops. Stainless steel edge profiles are available in every style except for H, which is too intricate to form with a strong material like stainless steel.

The edge profiles listed here represent a good variety of modern and classic styles. The eased square edge (A) is the most popular edge profile that we work with, which gives countertops a clean and crisp look that fits into a modern aesthetic. The marine edge (C and E) are a classic look that is often seen in busy kitchens or on bar tops. The lipped edge prevents any liquid spills from traveling over the side of the countertop onto the floor. This makes the countertop easier to clean and adds an interesting dimension to the look of the top.

stainless steel edge profiles

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