FAQ – Stainless Steel

FAQ - Stainless Steel

Where Can Stainless Steel be Used?

Stainless Steel is a great option for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, range hoods and even furniture. It brings a modern and clean feel to your home and is both durable and easy to maintain.

What are the Finish Options?

Stainless Steel is available in mirror-polish, brushed or machine hammered finish. Custom grinding patterns are also available. For backsplashes, quilted patterns are commonly requested.

How Thick can a Stainless Steel Countertop be?

We use 14 and 16 gauge (1/16 “ thick) grade #304 government spec stainless steel. The sheets are bonded to solid, waterproof MDF. Edges can be built up to any desired thickness, 1-½” is standard.

How do I Clean a Stainless Steel Countertop?

We recommend “Stainless Steel Magic” for day-to-day cleaning. Windex will also do nicely.

Can I Cut on a Stainless Steel Countertop?

If you wish to minimize scratch marks and preserve your knife blades, use a cutting board for chopping.

Can I Put Hot Pots on a Stainless Steel Countertop?

Always use a hot plate or trivet when transferring items from an oven to a countertop. Although stainless steel is heat resistant, we recommend trivets.

Will the Stainless Steel Countertop Stain or Rust?

No, it will not stain or rust. Stainless steel contains chromium at 10% or more by weight. It is the chromium that gives the steel its unique stainless, corrosion-resisting properties.

Can a Sink be Built into the Countertop?

We can fabricate any size, square or rectangular, custom sink and weld it in as a seamless, integral part of your top. You may also provide a manufactured or imported sink to us for welding into the top. We require that it be at least 16-gauge to ensure a seamless look. Alternatively, we can under-mount or cut-in any sink that you provide. Holes for faucets and accessories such as hot water inserts and soap dispensers can be done by us at our shop or on-site.

What Type of Warranty do You Offer?

Our Stainless Steel countertops come with a full one-year warranty.

  • Brooks Custom will repair or replace, at our option, any faulty product deemed to have been caused by manufacturing defects.
  • Items must be returned to this location if not installed by us.
  • Incidental work or adjacent materials are not included in warranty coverage.
  • All shipped stainless steel countertops must be removed from their crates within 30 days of delivery. Any claims for shipping damage must be made within that time.
  • All sales are final on finished products left in our showroom for over 90 days.

How Long Will it Take get my Stainless Steel Countertop?

Typically it takes 4-6 weeks to fabricate your Stainless Steel countertop, from the time we receive approved shop drawings from you.

Getting a Quote:

Please email quotes@brookscustom.com or fax us a plan drawing of your project. Include measurements and any details you may have. We can usually have our quotes out within 1 business day.