Zinc Countertops

Zinc Countertops

Zinc countertops can provide both a classic and a modern look that combines the cool tone of stainless steel with the charm of a living metal surface. Commonly found in Parisian Bistros, oyster bars, and butler's pantries, zinc is a charming metal that adapts to any kitchen style.

Characteristics of Zinc Countertops:

  • Zinc is a reactive metal with a living finish.
  • Its blue-gray tone reflects a country charm and a casual elegance.
  • Zinc will acquire a patina and change with age and use.
  • This patina will take about a year to fully develop, and will continue to evolve throughout the life of the top.
  • We can create a patina in our shop prior to installation.
  • This patina finish will be darker than a natural patina and will have a more even surface initially.
  • Like a natural patina, the patina finish is not permanent and will continue to evolve and develop a pattern of use over time.

Zinc countertops are easy to maintain and clean. Daily cleaning can be done with Windex or any other non-abrasive household cleaner.

This photo gallery consists of a compilation of some zinc countertops that we have done. If have another style in mind, please send over any photos or drawings to quotes@brookscustom.com. We will review your plans and project details and will prepare an estimate in about one to two business days.

All of our zinc products are designed in and delivered directly to you from our factory showroom in Mt. Kisco, NY. Brooks Custom's inclusive design process puts you in direct contact with our craftsmen and engineers throughout the fabrication of your top.

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