Zinc Bar Tops

Zinc Bar Tops

Zinc bar tops are a staple of high-end bars and seafood restaurants that serve to elevate the décor of a commercial space with their unexpected elegance.

Zinc is a cool-toned material that has more charm and inherent warmth than stainless steel. As zinc has a "living finish" it will form a unique patina and pattern of use over time.

As a bar top material, zinc is low-maintenance. Daily cleaning can be done with Windex or any other non-abrasive household cleaners. Zinc bar tops will react with foods and drinks that it comes in contact with, which contribute to its unique pattern of use. To prevent marks or drink rings, we recommend wiping up any spills as soon as possible before they set and stain the bar top.

We can also apply a chemical patina in our shop before installation. This will result in a darker patina than what would occur naturally, yet the finish will continue to evolve over time.

Acidic items, like lemons or limes, will remove the patina. These areas will darken again, but will not come back in the same exact way.

While we do not recommend cutting directly on the zinc top, zinc has natural antimicrobial properties and it safe for food contact.

This photo gallery represents examples of zinc bar tops that we have done. If you are interested in a different layout or style, please send over any photos or drawings to quotes@brookscustom.com. We will review the details you send over and draw up a proposal based on the information you provide.

All of our zinc bar tops are designed and fabricated in and delivered directly to you from our factory showroom in Mt. Kisco, NY. Brooks Custom is an inclusive wholesale supplier, you are provided with direct access to our engineers and craftsmen throughout the design and fabrication process.

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