Video – White Oak Wood Countertops

White Oak Wood Countertops Video Transcript
Today we’re talking about white oak which is commonly found all over the United States. It grows typically to a hundred feet tall with a fifty-foot spread of branches. A white oak tree can live to two hundred and fifty years. It’s part of our American heritage and can be used for furniture and make some fabulous countertops. It’s in plentiful supply and is a responsible “green” wood to be using.

White oak is a very strong wood and a great countertop wood. Here we have end grain white oak. The direction of the tree has been turned straight up to allow knife blades to chop into the block. We have edge grain white oak using the edge of the boards, and glued together with nice parallel lines. Oil finish, great for food prep.

Here we have end grain white oak in combination with walnut to form a very subtle checkerboard pattern. White oak used as premium wide plank where we take the best of the tree, glue it together, putting a marine oil finish on it, allows us to really show off the grain and the color of the wood. This color board, natural at the top, shows various colors that we can stain our wood in order to reveal the big open grain patterns which are characteristic of white oak.

You can sit in your kitchen at a white oak countertop and really think of how it’s been used in history. How the beams of a ship, the oars of the boats, carrying our ancestors to the Americas, were made of this wood.

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