Video – Wenge Wood Countertops

Wenge Wood Countertops Video Transcript
I’m Richard Brooks and we’re going to talk about Wenge. Wenge comes from West Africa. It’s one of the hardest, heaviest woods we work in. You can make musical instruments out of it, furniture, and great countertops. There is no color board for wenge because it’s always a very dark material. Characteristic of it is its parallel lines, when it’s cut properly, with close annular rings.

Here it is combined with ash as an end grain chopping block. This is Wenge with a marine oil finish, which really brings out the detail in the rich wood. It’s great for a modern design and is often used along with stainless steel and lighter woods.

Wenge has become in short supply in the last few years. It is a responsibly harvested wood for licensed loggers in Africa and is something that has come into great popularity in Europe and the United States.

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