Video – Teak Wood Countertops

Teak Wood Countertops Video Transcript
I'm Richard Brooks. We're talking about teak today. The best teak in the world comes from the countries of Thailand and Burma (Myanmar). The teak tree grows about one hundred and thirty feet tall and four foot in diameter. Teak contains techno quinines, the material in the tree that cause it to be rot resistant and bug resistant, which has made it the wood most widely used in the world for building boats.

Teak is an incredible wood to be working in. It's one of the most durable woods. It allows us to do chopping blocks. Here is an END grain chopping block and an Edge grain chopping block with just a light oil finish to them. It's great for food prep, hygienic and has a wonderful rich tone of brown.

Here we have premium wide plank teak. It's really the best of the best teak. Put that together with a marine oil finish and its stain proof and waterproof. It enhances a kitchen and forms a visual center in kitchen design.

Teak was one of the most popular woods of the early 2000's. It has grown in price and is a prized countertop material. In recent years, teak has become very rare and expensive. It's on the international watch list for endangered species. Teak is also grown and conserved in West Africa and several other places with what's called plantation teak, having most of the qualities of the king of teaks from Burma.

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