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Marine Finish for Premium Wide Plank Countertops Video Transcript

So we're going talk about a fine wood finish and how it should look, how it should feel. A good finish is usually done with a spray gun, that assures a good flat rendition. From there when you look at a finish, if you sight it down and the reflection of a distant light or a window you're going to see just the crisp grain of that particular species of wood.

You should not see dust particles. You should not feel anything rough. A fine finish is what we call a hand-rubbed finish. After it’s been sprayed several times and sanded in between coats, a craftsman takes pumice or rotten stone, and rubs that finish out until it has a beautiful warmth to it, a glow, a smoothness uninterrupted.

Finish is about touch. It's about evenness of color, evenness of grain. This is a color board, this is American Black Walnut, there's a color board for that. This is a match for color number four here, Elizabethan Brown. We're going to have a close up on this so you can see the grain. So each board seems to belong, very often they're from the same tree where they've been matched by a craftsman so there's an evenness of rendition.

A superior piece of wood counter top, this is going to last decades and give warmth to a home. I can go on about walnut too. American Black Walnut comes from the Northeast. It's in Pennsylvania, Maryland, a beautiful rich brown wood, slightly green brown. It's come into great fashion. It's very hard, it can be used for counter tops. It can be used for furniture. American Black Walnut.

Generally, we use planks that are five to 12 inches wide. These days mostly five to eight inches wide. This particular counter top, if you look at these two planks, you'll see that they're from the same tree. There's no white sap wood in this. There's no putty, there's no blemishes, just premium wide plank walnut.

For lovers of wood counter tops. We obsess about wood; we obsess about counter tops. I'm a driven man. I'm a wood guy.

If you have any questions about our Marine Finish, or our Premium Wide Plank wood countertops, feel free to contact us!

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