Video – Maple Wood Countertops

Maple Wood Countertops Video Transcript
I'm Richard Brooks. We're talking about maple. Maple's one of the most plentiful woods in the northeastern Unites States. It's very strong and very hard. It is the least expensive wood for its quality. Many of us grew up with maple chopping blocks and butcher blocks in our homes and are visually used to the light blond color that maple offers.

This color board shows natural maple up at the top and these are varying shades of maple that are offered here at Brooks. Maple is a wood that is very difficult to stain. It takes a trained craftsman. Most maple is glazed; for those of you who are cabinet makers, and so the color is introduced on the top layers of the finish.

This is an example of Maple used as an END grain chopping block. Almost all butcher blocks were made of rock maple, one of the few woods that could stand the daily use in a butcher shop. This is a premium wide plank maple. It brings out the beauty of the evenness and the predictable look that maple has to offer.

It has a marine oil finish. It is stain proof and a very durable finish that will last for decades. This is an example of walnut that when combined with maple can become a checkerboard patterned block. It's a decorative use of the material.

Maple is a great traditional American material for countertops. Ethan Allen was famous for his work with maple furniture. Very often maple is seen in spindle back chairs from Vermont and dressers from New England. Maple is an American heritage wood in keeping with our traditions here in the northeast and the central states.

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