Video – Heart Pine Wood Countertops

Heart Pine Wood Countertops Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Richard Brooks. Today we are talking about heart pine. Heart pine, also known as southern yellow pine, is a slow growth form of pine. The annular rings, because of the slow growth, are very close together, revealing tight parallel lines. This slow growth makes pine one of the hardest trees. In fact, you cannot bang a nail in with a hammer without bending the nail.

For that reason, heart pine was imported from the southeast, where it grows, up into New York. Up to one hundred and fifty years ago, it was used as stair treads in old New York. These days, heart pine is often reclaimed from barns and from industrial buildings. It comes out of the swamps of the Mississippi, having sat in the mud for one hundred and fifty years.

Heart pine commonly has splits, cracks, knots and spike holes, lots of marks, lots of character and lots of unexpected grain. This example of premium wide plank heart pine has a marine oil finish sealing it in, and that allows us to color the wood. This is a stain selection board that we use at Brooks, giving us a nice range of browns and amber choices. Heart pine's a great way to connect with repurposed and “green” woods and conserve nature's bounty.

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