Video – Chestnut Wood Countertops

Chestnut Wood Countertops Video Transcript
Hi this is Richard Brooks. Today we're going to talk about antique chestnut. Antique chestnut is a great wood that grew in America hundreds of years ago. It was very common and is very strong.

There's been a chestnut blight and so this is a fairly rare wood. These days this is a "green" wood because it is repurposed. Picture the American barn typically made out of woods like oak and chestnut. Picture barn floors made out of planks on which the tractors and the carts would travel.

When these barns are dismantled and sold to be reused, we can then buy chestnut. Typically, it has spike holes, splits and knots. This is a great example of chestnut. You can see old stains from rusted nails. This one a good example as well. It has a nice knot in it. It's a very handsome wood. It's got the same open grain as ash and oak woods do.

When we use this with a marine oil finish, it allows us to stain the wood. This color selection board shows natural color at the top. You can see a knot at the top of that natural sample and varying shades. Antique chestnut really is our link to early American heritage and it's a connection to responsibly use “green” repurposed woods. This lends an incredible, charming heart to a kitchen.

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