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Cherry Wood Countertops Transcript

Cherry is a great wood to get excited about. It's really one of my favorite woods. Comes from the Northeast. It's a traditional American wood. Cabinet makers have been working in cherry since this country was founded. It's a tight-grained wood and that means that when you put a finish on it, it tends to stay even, and without large fissures or differences in reflection of the grain. Tight grain wood, very hardwood, great for food prep. It gets darker in time. In a sunny room cherry will react slightly, photo reactive wood, and get darker and richer in color as time goes by.

Here is a color board. We can stain Cherry as long as we're putting a marine oil finish on it, seal in that color. Got some great colors. This selection is natural at the top. Always shows off the grain. If you look at this countertop, even though it's from different trees, there's a great sameness to cherry each time you open a tree that allows it, there's no light boards and dark boards, there's no sap wood. It's a great wood to work in. Here’s an OG edge on this countertop, it's about an inch and a half thick. Nice kitchen island size, about 8 foot by 3 foot. You can leave coffee on this, you can leave wine on this, butter, it's a stain-proof finish, a marine oil finish, meant to hold up for decades.

These are examples of cherry. This is a very red cherry, beautiful grain to it. These are our distressed samples; they're done in cherry. Nice OG edge. Cherry shines more as you service this cherry, as you polish it. The gloss will pick up in the areas that you use the most. Has a nice richness to it that will enhance the look of cherry in time.

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