Video – Brazilian Cherry Wood

Brazilian Cherry Wood Countertops Video Transcript

I'm Richard Brooks. Today let's talk about the incredible South American hardwood: Brazilian cherry. Brazilian cherry, also known as Jatoba, is a South American wood. It's a great hardwood, very dense, from very tall trees with great width. People import slabs of Brazilian cherry to be used as live edge tabletops. It's commonly used as flooring and gives one of the most striking red colors, even in its natural state.

Here we have Brazilian cherry as an END grain chopping block. You can still see the grains and the direction of them, playing off of each other. And this will probably get a little darker and redder in time from oil applied as maintenance. This Brazilian cherry has a marine oil finish which we apply to all of our premium wide planks countertops. Brazilian cherry is commonly used for furniture and is very durable. It holds a finish well and, as you can see, we can stain it down to varying shades of rich red brown.

One thing you need to know about Brazilian cherry is it's prone to checking and splitting meaning that you will need to enjoy this behavior as time goes by. It's not a defect in the wood but really a characteristic of this great South American hardwood.

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