Video – Bamboo Wood Countertops

Bamboo Wood Countertops Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Richard Brooks. Today we're going to talk about a beautiful Asian wood: Bamboo. Bamboo comes from the pacific rim countries. It's a fast growing wood, a "green" material. The wall thickness of the plant is only about a quarter of an inch thick so when we manufacture bamboo, it comes out as a laminate consisting of many parallel lines. Bamboo comes in a white color and is one of the lightest woods available. When we take bamboo and put it in a kiln, the sugars in the plant caramelize and turn a rich brown through and through.

Bamboo can be used for chopping blocks and food prep surfaces. Bamboo's very strong. It can do large overhangs. It can be stained various colors as you can see. It's an imported wood and something that creates a modern design look.

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