Video – Ash Wood Countertops

Ash Wood Countertops Video Transcript

Ash grows in the northeast and along the eastern seaboard. It’s a very fast growing tree. It could reach about 75 feet in height and maybe 2 feet in width. Ash is one of the lightest colored woods available today. It allows us to do some of the lightest countertops as well as letting us stain it down. It has an open grain look and so the annular rings show up in stark contrast when we stain ash.

This is an example of END grain ash combined with Wenge for a nice decorative chopping block.

This is an example of EDGE grain ash. When we take ash and show the edges of the boards, it creates very tight grain parallel lines. This one has just an oil finish, used as a chopping block. It’s very strong and great in the kitchen.

This is premium wide plank Ash. It shows us a flat cut pattern. You can see the cathedrals of grain in the wood. A marine oil finish makes this a wood that will last for decades in a kitchen as a stain-proof and durable material.

One last note on ash: it’s the wood most used for the famous Louisville slugger baseball bat. You can sit in your kitchen at an ash island and pretty much here the smack of the sweet spot when the bat hits the ball.

Click here for more information on ash countertops. If you are interested in pricing an ash countertop, email your project details to our estimator, and we will get a proposal back to you within one to two business days.

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