Properties of Concrete Countertops Video

Concrete Countertops Video Transcript:

We're going to demonstrate the properties of engineered concrete, and how you can do a 24 inch overhang. And what I will do is place the straight edge, nice and straight. Okay, I am going to put 350 lbs of weight right on the edge, and let's see what it does. There's no steel reinforcement. I’m placing 50 lbs bags. Scares me a little. Three-hundred-and-fifty pounds. Three-hundred-and-fifty pounds. Engineered concrete, inch and a half thick. Ain't that incredible?

Concrete countertops are incredible and many benifits and advantages over solid surface and stone products. Concrete countertops can support overhangs of up to 24 inches, and can withstand weights of up to 350lbs. The concrete tops are a third lighter than stone, and can withstand more weight without cracking or damaging the countertop.

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