Pewter Countertops

Pewter Countertops

Pewter countertops are a classic and elegant choice historically used in French Bistros and wine bars. A commonly used material in the Middle Ages as decorative and specialty items, pewter connotes an old-world aesthetic. Pewter is a very durable metal that will tell its story and convey its history.

Pewter countertops have a cool silver tone. Its matte finish will form a gray patina. While similar to zinc, pewter is a softer and more malleable metal.

How does this malleability affect pewter tops?

  • The softness of the metal allows us to create curved shapes.
  • Slight imperfections and marks that are common to metal countertops will be more prominent.

Pewter counter and bar tops are not meant to present a monolithic or monotone surface. The material has a 'living finish.' The finish will evolve over the lifetime of the countertops and will form a patina over time.

  • The patina will take about a year to form.
  • For those interested in a more even patina, we can apply a chemical patina in our shop.
  • The patina is darker than what would occur naturally.
  • Both natural and chemical patinas will continue to evolve throughout the lifetime of the counter or bar top.

This photo gallery is a collection of pewter countertops that we have made. If you are interested in getting pricing on a pewter top, send your photos or drawings to We will review your information and will return an estimate to you within one to two business days.

All of our pewter countertops are designed in and delivered directly from our factory showroom in Mt. Kisco, NY. Brooks Custom is a wholesale supplier of countertops that provides a unique and inclusive experience throughout the design process by providing you with direct contact with our craftsmen and engineers.

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