Food Prep Countertops

While not all of our materials are meant for direct food prep, end and edge grain wood countertops and butcher blocks can be incorporated easily into almost any kitchen design.

End and edge grain wood tops make great food preperation surfaces because of their sealed and oiled finish. This finish permeates the wood, keeping the entirety of the boards moisturized and protected from cracking, but does not form a hard surface on the top that could be damaged by chopping or knife marks.

The oil we use on our butcher blocks is a blend of oils that is food safe and protects the wood. While the countertops will be fairly low-maintenance, they do require regular oiling to prevent cracking or splitting in the countertop.

This photo gallery represents a sampling of the countertops we can produce for direct food prep. If you are looking for a specific style, please send over any photos or drawings to Our design team will look over your details and will provide you with an estimate within one to two business days.