Edge Grain Wood Countertops

Edge Grain Wood Countertops

Edge grain wood countertops are commonly viewed as "traditional" butcher blocks and have been used for centuries as the ideal cut-and-chop food prep surface.

  • The surface has a sealed and oiled finish that needs to be maintained regularly to keep the countertop from drying out.
  • These tops can also be sealed with our signature, hand-rubbed, Marine Finish.

Butcher block countertops can transform a kitchen by adding a rustic aesthetic, or warmth to a formal decor.

  • Available in a wide variety of wood species.
  • Butcher block wood countertops can be made to fit nearly any kitchen.
  • A butcher block wood countertop can also be incorporated as a chopping block or cutting boards with other countertop materials.
  • Wood tops pair extremely well with concrete and metal countertops.

To get pricing on a butcher block wood countertop, email quotes@brookscustom.com with your photos or project details. We will review your information and will return a proposal within one to two business days.

All of Brooks Custom's wood countertops are fabricated in and delivered to you directly from our factory wood shop in Mt. Kisco, NY. The wood countertops are all custom built to your specifications, and we put you in direct contact with our craftsmen and engineers to make sure your design vision comes to life.

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