Edge Grain Wood Video

Edge Grain Video Transcript: Edge Grain Wood Countertops

In this segment we talk about a way to make your countertop, this one is called edge grain.
We turn the boards up on their edge, or, on their side, which allows us to cut them to the same height. We then glue them together so you can see narrow planks of wood. The net results are that each plank of wood is one and three quarters on an inch wide, a standard in the industry.

Edge grain is a traditional food surface countertop for food prep. It is great for chopping and wonderful for cooking. Countertops used for chopping foods may show a pattern of use. We don't stain edge grain wood for this reason. Instead, we use linseed or tung oil to seal in the counter in order to prevent tit from drying out and to extend the life of the wood. As long as the wood is maintained with oil, it will last for decades. All the professional chef shows we see on television have edge grain countertops or chopping blocks that they use for the actual work of preparing food.

If you're interested in the countertops you've seen in this edge grain video, and want to learn more for your next project, send over photos of drawings to quotes@brookscustom.com. We will review all plans and provide you with an estimate.

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