Custom Range Hoods

  • Zinc Range Hood with Strapping
  • Bugle Style Zinc Range Hood
  • Custom Stainless Steel Range Hood
  • Custom Pewter Range Hood
  • Sloped powder Coat White Range Hood
  • Patina Finish Zinc Range Hood
  • Custom Range Hood with White Enamel Body and Stainless Steel Trim
  • Artisan Cast Zinc Range Hood
  • Patina Finish Zinc Artisan Cast Range Hood
  • Custom Stainless Steel Range Hood
  • Curved Zinc Artisan Cast Range Hood
  • Artisan Cast Zinc Range Hood


Custom range hoods by Brooks Custom come in two distinct styles. All-metal Range Hoods and Artisan Cast Range Hoods. When considering a custom range hood, it's important to consider what's important to your overall design aesthetic.

All-metal hoods are made in heavy sheet metal and can be powder coated and incorporate glass inserts. Range hoods can take up to 12-14 weeks to fabricate.

Artisan Cast range hoods can be made in many of the same styles and are ready in just 4-6 weeks (for most styles) and cost a fraction of the price of all-metal hoods.

Option 1: Metal Range Hoods

blackened steel kitchen hood, pyramid shape hood, kitchen hood, stainless steel range hood, metal range hoodCustom sheet metal range hoods in modern and traditional styles.
These range hoods can be made in any of our standard metals. Each metal comes with several finish options. Mechanicals include blowers, filters, lights, and switches.

Fabrication of these hoods takes about 12-14 weeks from approved shop drawings.

Option 2: Artisan Cast Range Hoods 

custom range hood, metal range hood, pewter vent hood, pewterThe Bistro Collection offers artisan cast range hoods at an affordable price and fast turnaround.
Artisan Cast Range Hoods are available in eight different metals.

Blowers, filters, and lighting packages are provided using our custom brand of inserts, or you may provide your own.

This construction method allows you to build a decorative or complex range hood at an attractive price. We can also apply this metal coating to an existing hood body that you provide.

The process of making an Artisan Cast range hood takes about 4-8 weeks and at a fraction of the price of sheet metal hoods.

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For more information or to get an idea of pricing for your range hood project, email

You may also call 800-244-5432 with any general questions about having a custom range hood made.


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