Custom Furniture by Brooks Custom

Custom Furniture by Brooks Custom

Custom furniture by Brooks Custom is a great way to incorporate our materials into your home without undergoing a major renovation.

Any of our materials: wood, concrete, metal, and glass can be used to design and fabricate custom tables, table bases, shelves, or mantles.

Because all of our furniture pieces are hand-made by skilled craftsmen, we can create any design. Create furniture styles ranging from rustic live edge to ultra-modern fusion glass.

This photo gallery represents a collection of furniture we've made. You may use any of these photos as information for your project, or you may bring us other designs that you come across.

If you are interested in pricing, send your photos and project details to Our design team will review your details and will provide you with a written estimate within one to two business days.

Follow the links below to learn more about our materials:

Live Edge
Stainless Steel
Table Bases
Cold Cast