Concrete Furniture

Concrete Furniture

Looking for the right modern industrial piece for your home? Custom concrete furniture is the answer! Paired with steel or wood, concrete tables, mantles, or desks add the right balance of warmth and modern lines to your décor.

  • Custom color matching is available.
  • No seams required, perfect for a modern minimalist aesthetic.
  • Any design is possible. Bring us your ideas and inspirational photos for our engineering team to evaluate.
  • Don't forget the table bases! We can fabricate concrete bases to match your modern table tops and furniture designs.

Concrete furniture can be made to fit any decor. In contrast to its name, you will be surprised at the warmth and charm that Brooks Custom's engineered concrete adds to a room. Our honed, sealed and oiled, concrete is smooth to the touch and has an even surface that is great for any table top or work surface.

Caring for your concrete furniture:

  • Verdicrete is sealed and oiled in our shop.
  • To preserve the finish, oil the top seasonally, or about four (4) times a year with the Concrete Dressing Oil provided to you at installation/delivery.
  • Use Windex or other nonabrasive cleaners for daily cleaning as needed.
  • Do not use acidic cleaners, or leave any acidic liquids or materials on the furniture for any length of time.
  • Freshly delivered concrete is still curing and will continue to harden over the first few months. Be easy on the surface during this time period.

For pricing, send your inspirational photos and project details to We will review your project details and will return a proposal to you within one to two business days.

All of Brooks Custom's concrete furniture is fabricated in and delivered to you from our factory showroom in Mt. Kisco, NY. Our wholesale design process is unique in that we provide you direct access to our engineers and craftsmen to bring your design vision to life.

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