Concrete Finishes, Shapes, Possibilities

Watch as Richard Brooks takes you through Brooks Custom's concrete finishes and design possibilities.

Video Transcript:

Richard: So here we've got some examples of what we can do with Verdicrete engineered concrete. This one over to my right is really a simulation of limestone. It's got a nice, soft variation of gold and beige. Antiqued corners. You can see that OG shape. We've got a library of edge shapes that we work in. This one in the middle is called Earthen, and it kind of brings those artistic qualities of volcanic stone to the foreground. It's hand-stained by a craftsman, very often working with clients or designers.

This one on the end, great for our commercial client, little more vibrant pattern-stained concrete. And again, this is lightweight, fast curing. This is made to get out onto the job site two to four weeks after we have an approved shop drawing. Great stuff, waterproof, tuff finish. The table I have here has got rounded edges. It's made in the spirit of time-worn white stone. It's got a crackle effect. It's stained in a very variegated way. Great stuff. People generally, when they experience concrete, reach out to get a feel of it. It's warm to the touch, very smooth. Once again, stain proof, waterproof, won't crack, can be made in tremendous sizes.

Engineered concrete, we call it Verdicrete.

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