Verdicrete Concrete Countertops

Verdicrete - Engineered Concrete Countertops

Brooks Custom's engineered concrete countertops are made of one of our most versatile materials. Concrete countertops can be made to fit any project. The concrete is poured into custom-built forms and cured in our shop. It is delivered and installed ready to use - no on-site fabrication. You may choose from a number of stock colors, or provide a color sample for a custom color match.

Benefits of Verdicrete Concrete Countertops:

  • Unlike stone, concrete can be made in any size or shape.
  • Very few field joints; we aim to build concrete projects in one piece whenever possible.
  • The construction is only limited by access to the project and being able to transport the concrete safely.

One of the most exciting characteristics of Verdicrete concrete countertops is that each slab is unique. The countertops will show slight variations in tone, color field, and texture. You may see some hairline or surface crazing, similar to the veins in stone. These cracks do not affect structural integrity and are considered to be a desirable design feature on concrete countertops.

Characteristics of Concrete Countertops:

  • Incredibly strong and easy to maintain.
  • With regular sealing, Verdicrete products are resistant to stains, water spots, and heat damage.
  • Can support overhangs up to 24" without additional support.
  • Consult your designer, architect, or builder to determine if your project needs any additional supports.
  • Larger overhangs can be constructed with external supports.
  • Steel reinforcements can be incorporated into your countertops according to your layout needs.

Verdicrete countertops are ready for light use at the time of installation. Be prepared to go easy on the tops for the first few weeks that it's in your home as the concrete continues to harden to its maximum strength.

View our photo gallery of concrete countertops to get a better understanding of what can be done with this unique material. If you're interested in exploring this for your next project, please send us your plans or drawings so that we can prepare an estimate. You may also request finish samples to test before placing your order.

All of our Verdicrete concrete countertops are designed and fabricated in and delivered to you directly from our factory workshop in Mt. Kisco, NY. We offer an open design process where you have direct contact with our engineers and craftsmen to ensure the accuracy of your product.

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