Concrete Bar Tops

Engineered Concrete Bar Tops

When looking for a unique, contemporary, and low-maintenance material for your commercial bar top, look no further than Brooks Custom’s engineered concrete bar tops. Concrete bar tops come with endless design options and opportunities. Not only can they be made in any size or shape with minimal field joints, they can be personalized with decorative inlays to match your business’ design aesthetic.

Concrete bar tops are also easy to maintain; the tops are stain-resistant, water-resistant, and are built to withstand the heavy use that a busy bar top will endure. The finish will develop a pattern of use and is not meant to present as a solid, monolithic color. This adds to the charm and unique properties of concrete countertops.

The countertops are delivered ready to be installed. We advise that you go easy on the tops for the first few weeks while the finish cures to its maximum hardness. During this time, the tops can be used but should be maintained closely and oiled regularly.

Browse our gallery of completed bar tops to get a sense of what can be done with this versatile material. Feel free to send in plans or photos of the bar top you’re looking to fabricate and we will review them and provide you with an estimate.

Concrete bar tops take about four to six (4-6) weeks in fabrication time following the return of approved shop drawings; some large or intricate project may take a little longer, depending on the scope of the job. Please plan accordingly when reviewing the timeline for your project.

Getting A Quote:

For pricing, email your project details or inspirational photos to We will review your project details and will prepare a proposal for your review in one to two business days.

All of Brooks Custom's engineered concrete bar tops are fabricated in and delivered to you directly from our factory in Mt. Kisco, NY. Throughout the design process, we offer you direct access and contact with our craftsmen and engineers to ensure the accuracy of your project.

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