Bronze Counter Tops

Bronze Counter Tops

Bronze counter tops are made of raw bronze sheet metals. Given that bronze is a durable and rustic material, it is a great fit for countertops, sinks, back splashes, and range hoods.

Used for centuries as a material for tools, weapons, and armor, bronze is known for its durability and workability. Due to its reputation and history, bronze portrays a rustic and antiqued aesthetic that adds warmth and substance to any decor.

Characteristics of Bronze Countertops:

  • Like zinc and copper, bronze has a "living" finish.
  • Due to this, the finish will evolve and patina throughout the lifetime of the countertop.
  • Matte bronze is gold in color and will develop a darker brown patina.
  • In order to speed up the aging process, we can apply a patina in our shop. This patina will be darker than one that evolves from natural aging.

Caring for Bronze Countertops:

  • For the most part, bronze is a low-maintenance material.
  • We recommend using Windex or any other non-abrasive household cleaner for daily cleaning.
  • Keep in mind that bronze is a reactive metal. Because of this, bronze will react with household chemicals and some food items.
  • Some acidic foods, including lemon juice, will remove the patina. Vinegar will leave dark spots and will add to the patina.

This photo gallery represents a sampling of what we can do with this material. Feel free to send any photos or drawings to Our design team will look over the details you provide and will prepare an estimate for you within one to two business days.

All of our bronze countertops are designed in and delivered directly from our factory showroom in Mt. Kisco, NY. Brooks Custom is a wholesale manufacturer who provides you with direct access to our craftsmen and engineers throughout the design process.

For more information about Bronze Countertops:

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