Bistro Collection Restaurant Tables

Bistro Collection Restaurant Tables

Bistro Collection restaurant tables from the Bistro Collection are made of a hybrid process that combines an actual metal top with a decorative artisan cast front edge.

This process allows you to design tables for your restaurant or cafe without the constraints of working with sheet metal or the cost of cast metal products.

With the artisan cast restaurant tables, you can include shapes, radius corners, and decorative edge profiles. This process also provides the incredible durability of sheet metal countertops and tables.

Benefits of Using the Bistro Collection:

  • Attractive Pricing
  • Fast Lead Time - Ready in 2-4 weeks following approved shop drawings.
  • Large orders and multiple tables may require an extended lead time.
  • One Year Warranty
  • Currently Available in Zinc, Pewter, Copper, Bronze, Brass, and Stainless Steel.

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Artisan Cast Metal Countertops


artisan cast bar tops for commercial artisan cast bar tops

Artisan Cast Metal Commercial Bar Tops


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Decorative Metal Edge Profiles


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Available Artisan Cast Metals


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Custom Artisan Cast Metal Furniture


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Artisan Cast Range Hoods

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Artisan Cast Metal FAQ - Warranty

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Artisan Cast Care & Maintenance

For questions about our pricing for our artisan cast restaurant tables, please email your photos or project details to We will review your details, and will provide you with a proposal as soon as possible.

View Artisan Cast Materials: 

Molded edge profile on artisan cast zinc countertops

Zinc Artisan Cast


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Artisan Cast Brass


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Artisan Cast Stainless Steel


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Pewter Artisan Cast


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Copper Artisan Cast


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Bronze Artisan Cast