Wall Panels & Backsplash Portfolio

Backsplashes and wall panels are a great alternative to tile backsplashes and are easily maintained.

Brooks Custom fabricates backsplashes in a variety of unique materials, incuding stainless stee, zinc, pewter, copper, bronze, concrete and glass. This variety allows our backsplashes and wall panels fit in with any decor or kitchen style.

The reactive metals with which we work (zinc, pewter, copper, and bronze) is available in matte finish, patina finish, or can be mirror-polished. These materials will form a patina naturally and a pattern of use over time.

If you are interested in a more static material that will remain the same over time, stainless steel, or glass backsplashes will provide a modern and clean look.

Our backsplashes also come in a variety of textures: machine hammered, hand hammered, quilted, and sunburst pattern.

Wall panel backsplashes are easy to maintain. Most of our materials can be maintained with Windex, or any other non-abrasive household cleaners. To protect the finish, you will want to wipe any spills before they set.

This photo gallery represents a sampling of the backsplashes that we've made. If you're interested in a different style, send any photos or drawings to quotes@brookscustom.com. Our design team will look over the information you provide, and will provide an estimate to you within one to two business days.