Backpainted Glass Countertops

Backpainted Glass Countertops

Backpainted glass countertops have all the low-maintenance and durability of regular glass countertops, but give you an opportunity to customize them to best fit your home decor.

Brooks Custom offers a number of standard colors for back painting, view color options here.

We also offer custom color matching services. To match a specific color, please provide us with a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color for us to match. Prior to fabrication, we will send you a custom sample for your approval.

Back painted glass countertops are durable and easy to maintain. The paint is applied to the underside of the countertop, so there is no concern about chipping or damaging the paint. Daily cleaning can be done with Windex or any other non-abrasive household glass cleaner.

Some scratches may occur on the countertop over time. To minimize this, we recommend that you avoid dragging abrasive items, such as unglazed pottery, across the surface. We also recommend that you use cutting boards for food prep and trivets for very hot pots and pans.

This photo gallery represents a sampling of what we can create with back painted glass countertops. If you are interested in a color or design that you do not see here, email your photos or drawings to We will review the details of your project and send you an estimate within one-two business days.

All of our back painted glass countertops are designed in and delivered directly from our factory showroom in Mt. Kisco, NY. Brooks Custom is a unique wholesale supplier that provides you with direct access to our craftsmen and engineers throughout the design process.

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