Artisan Cast Stainless Steel Countertops and Hoods

Artisan Cast Stainless Steel Countertops

Artisan Cast stainless steel countertops from Brooks Custom's new Bistro Collection.

The Bistro Collection offers incredible design options that were previously unobtainable in sheet metal countertops.


  • Available in eight unique metal finishes: zinc, nickel, pewter, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and stainless steel.
  • Fancy molded and decorative edges are available.
  • Select from any of the edge profiles normally used on our wood countertops.

Why Choose the Bistro Collection?

  • More affordable than sheet metal countertops.
  • Fast Lead Time - tops are ready in just 3-4 weeks.
  • Incredible design options and customizability.

For commercial tops in high-traffic areas, we can combine our durable sheet metal tops with cold cast edges. This provides you with a countertop that will stand up to heavy use with the custom edge detailing available from the Bistro Collection.

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Artisan Cast Metal Countertops


commercial artisan cast metal bar tops

Artisan Cast Commercial Metal Bar Tops


artisan cast edge profiles, brass countertops, metal countertops, metal bar tops

Decorative Metal Edge Profiles


artisan cast countertops, artisan cast metal finishes

Available Artisan Cast Metals


artisan cast commercial tables

Artisan Cast Metal Restaurant Tables


artisan cast range hoods, custom range hoods

Artisan Cast Range Hoods


artisan cast residential furniture

Custom Artisan Cast Metal Furniture


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Artisan Cast Metal FAQ - Warranty

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Artisan Cast Care & Maintenance

For pricing on our Bistro Collection countertops, send your photos and project details to We will review your information and will provide you with an estimate in about one to two business days.

To view the other metal finishes available from the Bistro Collection, click here.


The artisan cast process is a way of applying a metal coating that is bonded to a waterproof core or to an exterior grade substrate. The resulting surface consists of 80% actual metal and behaves similarly to our hand-wrought metal products.

  • Like sheet metals, Artisan Cast countertops have a living finish that will continue to evolve throughout the lifetime of the top.
  • Countertop will acquire a natural patina that takes about a year to reach its full depth.
  • Metal finishes are meant to have distressing, imperfections, and patina to create a "time-honored" or "rustic" appearance.

View Artisan Cast Materials:

artisan cast nickel countertops, bar tops, furniture, and range hoods

Artisan Cast Nickel


artisan cast aluminum countertops, bar tops, custom furniture, and range hoods

Artisan Cast Aluminum


Molded edge profile on artisan cast zinc countertops

Zinc Artisan Cast


artisan cast brass countertops, range hoods, bar tops, and furniture

Artisan Cast Brass


artisan cast pewter countertops with decorative edge profile, artisan cast metal countertops, custom metal range hoods, custom furniture

Artisan Cast Pewter


artisan cast bronze countertop with ogee edge, artisan cast metal countertop, custom range hoods, custom metal furniture

Artisan Cast Bronze


artisan cast copper countertops sample for artisan cast metal countertops, range hoods, furniture, and tables

Artisan Cast Copper