Artisan Cast Bronze Countertops and Hoods

Artisan Cast Bronze Countertops and Range Hoods

Artisan cast bronze countertops from the Bistro Collection. Using a new process we are creating custom bronze countertops free of the limits of sheet metal. This process delivers a fast and affordable way to achieve an elemental bistro look in metal countertops. Fancy edges and curves in metal are not only possible but affordable!

Simply put, the Bistro Collection offers incredible design options that were previously unobtainable in sheet metal countertops.

  • Available in eight unique metal finishes: zinc, nickel, pewter, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and stainless steel.
  • Fancy molded and decorative edges are available.
  • Also, you may select from any of the edge profiles normally used on our wood countertops.

The artisan cast metal finish process creates the opportunity to use bronze for a number of applications. For example, popular uses include bar tops, wet bars, tabletops, furniture, moldings, and decorative metal accents.

Fancy and decorative edge profiles can be incorporated into the bronze tops, allowing us to create more ornate designs or rustic accents.

Additionally, we've developed a method for commercial tops and high traffic areas. By combining our durable sheet metal tops with artisan cast edges you receive a countertop that will stand up to heavy use with decorative edge profiles.

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Artisan Cast Metal Countertops


commercial artisan cast metal bar tops

Artisan Cast Commercial Metal Bar Tops


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Decorative Metal Edge Profiles


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Available Artisan Cast Metals


artisan cast commercial tables

Artisan Cast Metal Restaurant Tables


artisan cast residential furniture

Custom Artisan Cast Metal Furniture


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 Range Hoods-Artisan Cast

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 FAQ - Warranty Artisan Cast Metal

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Artisan Cast Care & Maintenance

For pricing on our Bistro Collection countertops, send your photos and project details to We will review your information and will provide you with an estimate in about one to two business days.

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