Wood Countertops Remain a Modern Classic

Wood Countertops Remain a Modern Classic

Great news for fans of wood countertops! Wood countertops posted another strong year in 2017. The category remained strong across all construction methods and orders increased 33% over the previous year, demonstrating that Brooks Custom continues to dominate the wood countertop market in the northeast.

The strength and growth of the wood countertop category can be tied to Brooks Customs' commitment to customer service. Recently, Brooks Custom was named Best of Houzz 2018 for its customer service, a distinction awarded based on customer reviews from the previous year.

Many of the positive reviews touched in Brooks’ professionalism and attention to detail, noting that Brooks is “easy to communicate highly specific design details…,” “…very professional from start of process to completion,” “I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the entire team,” and a client who has “…(used) Brooks Custom on a couple of wood top projects… The pride in their product shows.”

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For Brooks Custom, customer service is not limited to the selling and delivery of its products; for Brooks, this ethos extends to the production and fabrication of its countertops as well. Brooks Custom is a hands-on dealer who works directly with its customers to deliver on-time and accurate products. We invite our clients to be as involved as they desire in order to achieve their design goals. This includes everything from formulating a custom color, to picking individual boards for their countertop.

To ensure the longevity of our wood countertops, we rely on our signature Marine Finish, a low-maintenance and permanent finish that will protect the wood from damage from water, stains, and heat.

Wood countertops are ready in just 2-4 weeks. Our fast production and delivery times make our wood countertops a great material for projects that need a quality product on a quick turnaround.

Brooks Custom cares just as much about making your product as we do getting it to you. We deliver or install our products with our own team members to job sites from Boston to Philadelphia. For all other regions and countries, we carefully crate and ship our products via trusted common carriers.

We offer samples to kitchen showrooms and dealers to aid your clients in selecting their materials. We also have a showroom in Mt. Kisco, NY to where you may bring your clients to see the material selections in person. We have examples of our available wood species and color stains on hand including full-size examples to get a sense of what the final product will look like. Brooks Custom also welcomes you to work directly with us and approve your project along the way as its made in our on-site workshop.

Thank you to all our customers who keep requesting and ordering Brooks Custom’s wood countertops. This style is showing no sign of stopping and will remain a classic for years to come.

If you have any questions about Brooks Custom’s wood countertops, contact us at quotes@brookscustom.com or call us at 914-666-2029.

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