Being Thankful and Giving Back

Music with a Message

We are very thankful to have the opportunity and ability to give back to programs that benefit our community. Brooks Custom is a proud sponsor of Renaissance Youth Center, a non-profit organization based in the South Bronx, NY that aims to provide performance-based music programs to over 3000 students in 26 public schools throughout the city.

Music with a Message is one of the groups created through the Renaissance Youth Center. This choir of 25 talented young singers and songwriters give 45-60 performances each summer throughout NYC and the surrounding areas. The choir makes it easy for impoverished communities to host its performances by transporting all its own equipment and by utilizing a custom tour truck which houses a mobile stage.

The goal of the program is to raise awareness about issues in their community, and how to bring about change through hard work and the power of positive entertainment.

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 To keep the program growing and thriving, they will occasionally perform at fundraising events throughout the year. One of such events was hosted earlier this year by our friend, photographer Alistair Dunn. Held on the grounds of his Westchester home, guests are treated to an outdoor reception and performances by the talented kids of Music with a Message. The exemplary performances put on by this troupe are a great example of the importance of arts education and the need for positive messages in entertainment.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, making a donation, or booking a performance for your event, visit Renaissance Youth Center or Music with a Message online.

We’re always happy to help and give to local causes whenever possible. If you would like Brooks Custom to be a sponsor of your charity, please contact to discuss details.


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