New! Metal Coated Range Hoods

New Metal Coated Range Hoods

With our new Bistro Collection, Brooks Custom has the ability to turn ordinary items into stunning pieces that will create a focal point in any home.

This metal coating process provides the look of custom sheet metals at a much lower price point and at a much faster turnaround time than custom metal range hood.

Metal coated range hoods are the most cost efficient way to purchase a metal range hood for your project or remodel.

We can achieve this look in a few ways. One way is that we can build and coat a portion of the hood while you provide the molding or decorative pieces; these portions can be coated as well or can be left in their original finish.

range hood, nickel range hood, nickel coated range hood

Another process, and the most cost-efficient way, if for you to provide to us a with the stock hood body of your choice. To create a unique piece from this off the shelf item, you can select from any of our cold cast metals – Zinc, Pewter, Nickel, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Brass, or Stainless Steel – in which to coat the hood body.

The resulting coating will look and act just like sheet metals. This is a great way to update a traditional hood design with a charming

cold cast nickel, nickel coated range hood, custom range hood, metal range hood

Just as you can select your desired hood body, you can also choose any blower or insert to match the needs of your kitchen. The inserts do not need to be sent to us, we can work with just the hood shell.

In addition to being cost effective, this option comes with a significantly shorter lead time than sheet metal hoods. We can coat your hood body in just 3-4 weeks following approved shop drawings. Once completed, your hood will be delivered ready for installation.

If you’re interested in having your range hood coating with the Bistro Collection metals, send us a photo of the hood you’re interested in, and what portion you would like coated in metal to We will look over your request and will get back to you with a proposal in two-three business days.

For information about the Bistro Collection and our cold cast metal products, visit

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