New Artisan Cast Range Hoods


Since the debut of Brooks Custom's Bistro Collection in 2016, the line has continued to evolve, much like the patina on a zinc countertop. What started as a way to design decorative metal countertops has evolved into designing Artisan Cast range hoods, a faster and more affordable way to build statement metal range hoods.

Artisan cast range hoods allow us to design range hoods that have more details like bends, corners, decorative accents than their sheet metal counterparts. Since we began making range hoods in this medium, we've been able to expand our capabilities and create some spectacular kitchen hoods.

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This zinc artisan cast range hood was made for A Matter of Style's showroom in Chesire, CT. For this hood, we built and coated the upper portion in artisan cast zinc and was then affixed to the wood molding on the upper and lower areas.

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A bell-shaped artisan cast range hood in stainless steel. This unique hood has contrasting blackened steel strapping throughout to add to the farmhouse aesthetic of the range hood and the kitchen.

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An artisan cast zinc range hood we made for Jewett Farms for a great project in MA. The hood is designed in a classic shape and patina finish along with custom design details like thick standing seams and matching rivets.

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Though the artisan cast range hoods are built on a wood substrate and given a metal coating, we use the same inserts and blowers that we do on our sheet metal range hoods. You can elect to have us supply the inserts and inner workings of the range hood, or you may provide them to install on-site.

This is just a sampling of the range hood styles we can produce. If you're interested in a style not shown here or in one of our galleries, send us an inspirational photo to so that we can review the needs of your project and provide you with an estimate. You may also call us at 800-244-5432 if you have any questions.


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