Fun Friday: American Flag Fusion Glass

In honor of Independence Day, we’ve decided to feature a custom American Flag wall art that we did earlier this spring. For this incredible unique piece, we worked with our fusion glass artisan to create the triptych’s design. For this project, we worked closely with architect Margaret Salamone to create this one of a kind fusion glass piece for her client in Scarsdale, NY.  The client knew she wanted a flag pattern to be hung in the entryway above her foyer, so we got to work on how to make that happen for her.

custom fusion glass triptych in American flag design


Due to the limitations of the creating fusion glass, it was determined that it was best to create the wall art as a triptych. A triptych is a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together. The three fusion glass slabs are lined up to create an artistic representation of the flag.

custom stainless steel supports for a fusion glass American flag triptych

To affix the glass slabs to the wall, we added custom stainless steel standoffs. These standoffs are substantial enough to safely secure the glass to the wall but do not overwhelm the design.

texture on american flag fusion glass triptych


One of the great qualities of fusion glass is that it is a totally artistic medium. Thin layers of glass are fused together in a kiln to create a unique product. Because of the kiln process, the fusion glass has a wavy texture to it, which can be seen in the above photo.  This texture gives the glass more dimension as it reflects light.

american flag fusion glass triptych wall art


It was a pleasure to work on this unique project, and to have the opportunity to expand upon what we can create with fusion glass. The homeowner is very pleased with the end product. The American flag triptych is hanging proudly in the foyer and is a great focal point to the upstairs landing.

For more information and examples of our fusion glass countertops, view our photo gallery here. For pricing inquiries and other project related questions, email Our design team will review your project and provide you with an estimate based on the details you provide.

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