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Craftsmanship is an integral part of Brooks Custom. Being in business since 1977, Richard Brooks has made it a point to use the best materials, and work with the best craftsmen to create innovative and unique products.

When East Coast Home & Design Magazine approached us about taking part in "The Craftsmen" a feature on local craftspersons and artisans, it was a perfect opportunity to be featured along like minded peers. 

It was an honor to be featured in the May/June 2016 issue of East Coast Home & Design along such other local craftsmen as WalloversHammered in TimeCynthia Designs, and others. The feature article, "The Craftsmen - Handmade Designs Inspired by American Craftsmanship," gives each owner an opportunity to discuss their trade and what inspires them to keep creating and innovating.

Richard Brooks as featured in East Coast Home and Design's craftsmanship issue


2016 has been an incredibly innovative year already for Richard Brooks and Brooks Custom. In addition to completing projects with his famous wood countertops, and expanding his line of range hoods, Brooks is continuing to expand his abilities and offerings within his existing product lines.

craftsmanship on display - end grain walnut island top with custom steel brackets

End Grain Walnut butcher block on display at the Hamptons Contemporary Design Show.

craftsmanship of a Brooks custom range hood featured in Elle Decor

Brooks Custom blackened Steel range hood featured on Elle Decor in early 2016.








For this feature, Richard had the chance to tour the shop with editor Matthew Kolk and discussed the philosophy behind his craftsmanship and the products he's excited about developing. One line that expands on what he's been doing with live edge wood, is the addition of metallic leafing to the wood slabs.

live edge table with gold leaf as featured in east coast home and design's craftsmanship issue


This slab, which has gold leafing in the center, uses the metallic accent to highlight the already dramatic figure in the center of the top. This new design has been a hit in the Brooks Custom showroom, and gets people excited about the idea of using live edge.

Richard was also able to discuss and show examples of Brooks Custom's new 'Bistro Collection.'

Richard’s latest line is the “Bistro Collection,” featuring cold-cast, metal-finished countertops in zinc, nickel, pewter, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel. The metal coating, which is 80% real metal, is applied and bonded to a real wood core or to an exterior grade substrate.

This new line speaks to Richard's background in engineering and his constant evolution as a craftsman. With the Bistro Collection, he can combine the modern aesthetics of metal countertops with the versatility and charm of wood.

Brooks Custom expands is craftsmanship abilities with the line of new cold cast metal finished tops


As 2016 continues, Richard Brooks and Brooks Custom will continue to innovate and develop our product lines more deeply. To get a better understanding of the craftsmanship behind our work, check out the feature in the May/June issue of East Coast Home & Design and let us know what you think!

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